Who We Are

AFID, the short for “All for Integral Development”, is a refugee-led and community based organization located at Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Kamwenge district in Uganda, since 2017. It is designed to contribute to tackle or address the most urgent and pressing needs of the refugee population and the host surrounding community (those who are extremely vulnerable).

Our Vision

As a group of highly committed and engaged persons with forcedly displaced background, we envision an inclusive and empowered society, in which none is left behind.

Our Mission

In order to reach our vision, we seek to enable a better future and a well assured well-being to the marginalized/extremely vulnerable people through quality and inclusive education, better livelihoods, agroforestry and economic activities.


What makes us More Responsive and Unique in our Work?
• The respect of our values and principles that put in centre the wellbeing of our community, and their keen participation at all levels or stages of activities, and the determination to improve, etc.

• A matured and adequate response obtained through our diversity and high sense of inclusion, adaptability and partnership.

• Our highly motivated proactive and flexible team, great efforts and adaptability that facilitate the interaction with our beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

Our Core Values


We fetch our strength and do know how from our diversity and our non-discrimination actions; recognizing that our members or primary stakeholders may have diverse missions, backgrounds, disparate resources and distinct needs. Decisions undertaken on behalf of AFID are made with the greatest respect and support of these differences.


We encourage and are transparent, and share the truth and results with our stakeholders


We intend to be a nimble, flexible and dynamic team, able and willing to adapt to the evolving needs of community.
Education: We value the robust exchange of knowledge, ideas and information, both among and between our members and our stakeholders.


We believe in and encourage our community and stakeholders to reach their full potential.


We value the robust exchange of knowledge, ideas and information, both among and between our members and our stakeholders.


SOME OF OUR ACHIEVEMENTS AND REPORTS Amidst challenges like limited funds, AFID-CBO, has managed to achieve the following, in its last three years of existence:

Agribusiness Project

Running for three years (2023-2025), through agribusiness for youth employment and self-reliance, we are currently equipping more than 300 young smallholder farmers both refugees and nearby nationals in Kamwenge district_ one of the poorest refugee Read more…


Since, February 2020, AFID has been playing an active role in raising awareness about COVID-19 and its prevention.  In this regard, AFID pioneered and spear-headed initiatives to train the ongoing manual production of face masks Read more…